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(Em)Bodied Love: Iterations of Self Desire

(Em)Bodied Love is a collaborative photo narrative project exploring queer and trans people’s relationship to our bodies and identities.


Photography is used as a collaborative tool to gently explore the ways in which queer and trans people invoke and iterate (constitute: make happen: edify) knowledge of self in embracing the unknown, or undesirable. Individual participants (Narrators) are invited to engage in a process of self-investigation and exposure to examine tensions, constraints and possibilities embedded within us in relation to what is imposed, degraded, or obscured.


In the face of societal trauma and erasure, the photos make visible our bodies, our selves, and the processes we invoke as essential in our ongoing self-determination. Sick bodies, disabled bodies, racialized bodies, older bodies, gender non-conforming bodies, pregnant queer bodies, and bodies not normally depicted as worthy of self adoration and love in mainstream and queer media are centered.


Photography is used as an iterative process to navigate, engage, reject, search for and reinforce our own meanings and desire of our bodies and selfhood. How do we seek wholeness, integrate and marry past, present and future on our own terms, in the face of erasure?


"(Em) Bodied Love: Iterations of Self Desire" shown at Feminist Art Gallery, 2012 & That's So Gay: Fall to Pieces at Gladstone Hotel, 2015.

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