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Sly Sarkisova is a Toronto Based photographer specializing in queer and trans photo narratives and portraiture. I use my skills at building trust, safety, intimacy and accountability to explore queer and trans people in all of our diverse identities, capturing intimacy in relation to the life surrounding me.


Over the years in Toronto, I've been capturing queer and trans people as we participate in building cultural spaces for ourselves that most reflect our power, sex and sexuality, performance and creativity. 

My process is to be as collaborative and accessible as possible in how I engage with folks that lend their images to my camera. This is about them having a venue to be seen, hopefully, and being centered as active participants in storytelling.

If you are interested in arranging a gallery exhibit, contact me directly through this website.

If you are interested in collaborating on a portraiture project, joining an existing project I have been working on, or you would like your own intimate images please contact me via the link on my CONTACT page. 


Thank-you for bearing witness!


sly sarkisova

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